Managing Director’s Message

We started at Chandigarh in 2011 with a desire to provide quality construction to our Clients and with a vision to grow on to construct cities. We would want our loyal clients to undertake their first, second or even third project with us. We do stand by our core values, as the clients say and have developed this trust on us.

We have set ourselves certain goals, chief among which is to go global, to begin with go national, not just to increase our turnover but also to go to places where we could create a meaningful presence, where we, as the Kurmas, would participate in the development of the country. We have endeavored to play that role in places around Chandigarh to begin with.

Over the next five to seven years, we will have to start looking seriously and strategically at creating brand awareness for ourselves in new geographies, and at how we are going to grow our businesses commercially and strategically in these regions.